Unbelievable! Three live shark pups rescued from inside dead mother shark by a Man

A video from Cape Town - has emerged online that showed how and where an American family rescued three shark pups from inside a dead pregnant mother shark. The mother shark was washed up on a Cape Town beach in South Africa.

It was by chance and share coincidence as the family came across the dead shark while walking along the beach. Narrating the story by the woman filming said that she noticed a movement from inside the belly, which suggested to her to be a pregnant female carrying live young.

Being curious, one member of the group which happened to be a man summoned courage immediately to cut open the dead shark with the hope to rescue pups from inside the dead pregnant mother shark.

When you watch the video, you will see the man as he was using a knife to perform a crude form of C-section surgery on the dead pregnant mother shark. The surgery was successful as he was miraculously able to rescue the unborn shark pups.

A woman who could not hide her doubt said, "I don't think there is a baby in there." To the amazement of the group they saw a baby shark inside a membranous sack in the belly. Immediately, the little shark wriggles after he prods it tentatively.

The man removed the baby shark one after the other until the third one into the ocean.

The spectators could not hold their joy as they shouted with chorus "congratulations" as the man carries the pups to the ocean. A woman remarks and described the incident as the "coolest thing I've ever seen."

Who knows, perhaps the man could have been bitten by the shark pups, supposed he handled them carelessly. Historically, baby sharks are born, after about two years of pregnancy, having a row of sharp spiky teeth. With the help of the teeth to fend for themselves and survive in the ocean hours after birth. They are completely opposite of mammals--Because mother sharks do not produce milk to feed their young.

Independently, within hours after they are born and to swim away from their mother that could gobble them up if they get too close, baby sharks have to learn to fend for themselves and survive.

The apparent lack of hesitation in the mind of the man by taking the decision to return the sharks to the water has suggested that he knew that the young sharks would be safe, irrespective of whether the death shark mother was alive or not.

The description accompanying the video explained and say, "This is a good example of respect to all forms of life... You cannot help but admire the beach goers that helped the baby sharks live a life in the ocean."

Based on what has happened so far, Judging from the woman that first sight the mother dead shark and noticed the movement in the belly, then aroused the attention of her team, or the man who performed the surgical operation on the dead mother shark, who should be given the credit. Apparently, both of them should simply be called a Good Samaritan, period!