'Nobody's Clipping My Wings',Elizabeth Warren said On New Leadership Position

From WASHINGTON -- we heard that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) moved back Thursday evening in contrary to the notion that her new Senate position suggest that she will be a "liberal liaison" between party's progressive base and Democratic leaders .

"I don't quite understand it," Warren said it repeatedly, as usual informal title that she have being using in media reports as a description of her new leadership position. The ratification of Warren's elevation was confirmed Thursday after a more than three-hour, closed-door meeting, where Senate leaders and Democrats elected the new for the next Congress. The role of Warren had not previously disclosed to the caucus. After the end of the meeting, it as announced that Warren would be a "liberal liaison," with additionally policy portfolio to hold .

However, Warren denied, said that liberal part was a news to her "Harry asked me to be a strategic policy adviser, because that's what I talk about, I talk about policy -- college affordability and minimum wage and Social Security," again she said. "And that's what I'm supposed to do and that's what I will do. That's my portfolio."

The idea that Senate leadership is in need of a liaison to liberals took many of those liberals as the square peg in round hole . According to David Firestone speech in The New York Times titled "sounds a bit like an ambassador to a distant country. Tell us, senator, what your liberal friends will say if we do this or that. A mere liaison is not what the Democrats need right now."

With what Warren said, she made clear that Reid and herself began discussion of the position in the last week and that she had wanted the position so that she could be in the weekly leadership meetings, a place where decisions on the agenda are made. "This is a seat at the table. ... I plan to use it to make sure that people around this country have a real hearing," she said. "I want a chance to be at the table when the Democratic leadership is making decisions. It gives me a better chance to fight for what I believe in."

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