An apparent suicide by a Woman committed by 'death by crocodile'

From Bangkok – Precisely, in Thailand on Friday, we learnt that a despondent 65-year old woman met her death when she jumped into a watery pit filled with hungry and voracious crocodiles, as the spectators watching helplessly. According to the report, the pool housed hundreds of the large reptiles moving around, always looking for to eat .

The News report have it that the 65-year-old Bangkok woman committed suicide by jumping into a pond filled with hungry crocodiles at a reptile farm. The reported that there was a zoo too situated near the capital city on Friday.

The victim, Wanpen Inyai was immediately torn apart by the dozens of hungry crocodiles before the crowd of perplexed spectators. Meanwhile, the attendants at the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm, that located outside of Bangkok, were trying desperately to fend off reptiles with long poles unsuccessfully.

With the news from Bangkok Post, hinted us that , Pol Col Preecha Iamnui, chief investigator with the Samut Prakan police station, said that the incident happened on Friday afternoon.

The identity of the woman was revealed through the Officials from the health card left floating in the reptile pond after the occurrence. To achieve that, the tissue samples were obtained from the pond and sent off for DNA analysis to ascertain the identity of the woman eaten by the crocodiles.

Before the incidence, Wanpen Inyai was reported missing by her family members earlier in the day on Friday. The Family tried to file a missing persons report to the security agents, but were asked to wait for 24 hours to ascertain the missing report by the Rom Klao police as required by law. Sunan Tharmna, Inyai 's sister, told authorities in charge that Wanpen Inyai had not spoken to anyone for a number of days because she was depressed .

The depth of the crocodile pond center is estimated to be nine feet deep, according to the revelation from the Closed circuit television footage that showed the woman taking the time to remove her shoes before climbing over a high wooden railing and dropping into the crocodile pond.

Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo is an internationally renowned reptiles sanctuary and zoo respectively. Historically, the farm is known to be the home of Tai. The widely acclaimed to be the world's largest crocodile in captivity, a monster measuring 19 feet, 8 inches in length and it weighing 2,465 pounds. Tai is said to rank one among the 100,000 crocodile at the 300-acre farm, the world's largest crocodile sanctuary so far.

Uthen Youngprapakorn, the Farm owner who talk on the measure to prevent such occurrence, said that the staff had already installed additional fences and with additional security. He lamented the death of Wanpen Inyai as unfortunate and further describe the death as "force majeure." Youngprapakorn expressed deep condolences to the family of Inyai.